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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Simon Sushi
409 Spadina Ave

It is time that I got to one of the new additions to Chinatown, the sushi restaurant. I went to Simon Sushi with a few friends on a Friday night. At first glance the restaurant reminded me of any budget sushi restaurant that you would see on any main street of the city.

The menu at Simon sushi was massive and offered all of what the normal restaurant patron expects in a sushi restaurant. There are many different bento boxes, combos and specialty rolls. If you are looking for life-changing sushi you should not go here. This is not to say that the food is not good, but it is simply the difference between a well-crafted chocolate soufflé and a snickers bar. Both of which have their place in a person’s culinary experience.

When we walked in we were promptly seated at a table. Outside of the four of us there were many others like us—college aged groups of people ranging from couples to tables of six. We ordered hot sake and some edamame. I ordered a dish called chirashi, and my three friends ordered the sushi bento. All of the dishes were served with miso soup and salad, both of which were above average for a sushi restaurant geared at college students.

My dish consisted of many different types of sashimi on a bed of rice; the fish was firm and fresh. The others, however, got what I now consider the best quality low price meal I have ever seen in a sushi restaurant. They all had soup and salad, and then had a full plate of sushi including tuna, salmon and shrimp. The bento came next and had a choice of teriyaki meat (served along) with rice, shrimp tempura and dumplings. All of our meals individually were less than thirteen dollars. I was blown away by the above average quality paired with the huge quantity.

The food was above average for a restaurant of this caliber, and the service was prompt and polite. All things considered, my friends and I had a very good time and ate very well for what we paid. Simon Sushi is a great place to go with a group of people when you’re hungry and on a budget, for that I give it a B.


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