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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kings Noodle House
296 Spadina Avenue

This restaurant is a true Toronto institution. Anyone who has spent anytime in Chinatown whatsoever knows this place well. It is located on the North West corner of Spadina and Dundas just north of the Scotiabank. The first thing one notice's when standing outside the restaurant is on the left side of the entrance in the window there are hanging whole chickens and ducks and sometimes pigs. There are also giant bright orange cuttlefish which make my mouth water. When you enter the restaurant directly to your right is an open kitchen where they prepare the wontons and noodle soups along with the salty fried donut all of which are delicious. Kings is home of possibly the best and most filling meals for under 4$ in the city. A bowl of wonton noodle soup is 3.85$ and is so huge that one person would be hard pressed to finish it unless totally griped by hunger.

Some other dishes that Kings does well are barbeque duck and pork, all done in house and rice flour roll which are also made in house. My favorite rice flour roll is the dried shrimp, which is also a huge serving and under 3$.

I do have to say that it is a very busy restaurant that is normally packed and sometimes you may be asked to share a table with strangers. Do no be out off by this practice; it is a wonderful way to see dishes before you try them. Due to the rushed nature of the restaurant the food is always fresh but sometimes not done to absolute perfection. One’s Singapore style vermicelli noodle may not be properly tossed, which will leave some portions of it with a more overwhelming curry flavor then others. This is one of Kings few faults, but a fault nonetheless.

One dish discovered by a friend of mine is found on the plastic stand up menu on each table and is called simply stir fried beef tenderloin. It is a true find, wonderfully garlicky and served with broccoli. This is a dish that I would never find unless by accident due to the description, a common problem in restaurants all over Chinatown I find.

A I feel that Kings Noodle House deserves it reputation, the food is always fresh and although the service is curt on the best of days I still keep returning simply for the low price and consistently fresh food. This Toronto institution deserves an A-.


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