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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rol San Restaurant
323 Spadina Ave

My optometrist Bjorn recommended Rol San to me. I was promised food that was good and reasonably priced. The first thing that struck me when I entered the restaurant was that most of the patrons there were white. And yet the specials that were on the wall were either in a combination of Asian characters and English, or solely in Asian characters. My dinner companion and I were greeted by a waiter who directed us to a four-person table. This was perfect for an intimate dinner since in many parts of Chinatown there is a custom of patrons sharing tables. On the table were many layers of plastic the same consistency as grocery bags. Having waited tables before I understand the need for a quick turn around of tables, yet I don’t think that this is a good solution to that problem. Inevitably the table gets wet either with tea or condiments, and then I am forced to remember some experiences of rained out camping trips when everything is soaked including the inside of your rain jacket. There is something about the texture of wet plastic stuck to my skin that I absolutely can’t stand. The tea came next, which was a fairly good jasmine tea. We ordered the standard spring and egg rolls, which were both good. They were not too greasy, which is what I look for in a good quality fried roll of that sort along with the filling. The filling itself was the standard combination of cabbage and other vegetables. The main dish that we ordered was the Singapore style vermicelli noodle. This dish is a combination of shrimp, bean sprouts and BBQ pork with fried egg and a delicious not too spicy curry flavour. Rol San also includes green onion, not finely diced and placed on top like a garnish but cut at a two to three inch length so that it became a real part of this dish. This addition was a real asset to the dish. The dish also had a consistency of flavour spread throughout that showed that the Chef took time and made sure that the dish was well composed.

The food was above what I consider good but just barely, and I suppose the price was reasonable, under 30$ for a large meal for two people including tip. If you have no issues with plastic tablecloths, like I do, and have a love of well-made Singapore style vermicelli then this would be a restaurant worth trying. All things considered I would give it a B.


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